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Goalball is a sport for persons with a visual impairment. It is played by two teams of three players with a maximum of three substitutes on each team. The game is played on hard floor and the court is a rectangular divided into two halves by a centre line. There is a goal on both ends of the court. The ball, which has bells inside it, is made of hard rubber and has holes in it so that the bells inside can be heard as the ball moves. The object of the game is for each team to roll the ball across the court towards the opponent’s goal line while the other team attempts to prevent this. The match time is 2×12 min. The rules of the game are controlled by the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA).

In Pajulahti Games there is a tournament for national teams, both men and women.


Tournament venue:

  • located behind the athletics field next to the tennis hall
  • hall area about 1400 m2
  • floor material¬†decoflex