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Boccia is a paralympic sport and is a game of strategy and skill. It’s played two sides against each other as individuals, a pair or as a team of three. One side has six red balls and the other has six blue balls. Individual play with six balls and four ends. Pairs play with three balls each player and four ends and teams play two balls each players and six ends. One side plays white ball called “Jack” onto the court and then place their first ball. Aim of the game is to get your balls closer to Jack than your opponent. The side whose ball is not nearest to the Jack, throws until they get their ball closer or they run out of balls. Once all the balls have been played one side receives a point for every ball they have nearer to the Jack.

Boccia court is 6 x 10 meters and six throwing boxes 1 x 2,5 meters. Middle of court (5 m.) is penaltysquare where you can try throw extra point after end if opponent make mistake and take penalty. The rules of the game are controlled by the Boccia International Sports Federation (BISFed) and every athlete must have a national BISFed classification.

Please note that the tournament participation does not requires BISFed licensed balls.