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Showdown Friday-Sunday schedule and results can be found here: MEN and WOMEN

Showdown is a fast-moving sport originally designed for people with a visual impairment, but you don’t have to be blind to play. Sometimes it is mistakenly referred to as table tennis for the blind, because it is a table game. However, it does not have lines marked on the table, therefore points are scored by hitting the ball into a goal pocket. Sighted people and those with disabling conditions other than blindness find this game challenging.

The equipment needed is a specially designed table, two paddles and special ball into which metal b-bs have been inserted. A glove for the batting hand is recommended. The sound produced by the b-bs rolling around inside the ball indicates the location of the ball during play.

The object of the game is to bat the ball off the side wall, along the table, under the centre screen, and into your opponent´s goal. The first player to reach eleven points, leading by two or more points, is the winner. Each player serves five times in a row. Players score two points for a goal and one point when your opponent hits the ball into the screen, hits the ball off the table, or touches the ball with anything else other than the bat.

In Pajulahti Games athletes compete in international tournament, both men and women.



  • Showdown tournament is played in top quality showdown tables located in the class rooms of the Pajulahti main building.